Offensive Skills

Do you have a go-to move?  Do you know how to score against any type of defensive pressure?  At Hoffman’s Hoops Academy, every basketball player will be trained to become a threat to score every time the touch the basketball.  You will learn not only how to score when the ball is in your hands, but also how to be affective player when the ball is not in your hands.  Call (402) 650-7648 today for more information about current programs, camps, and training options.

Examples of offensive skill you will develop:

  • Over 45 finishing moves to score around the hoop
  • How to finish versus one, two and three defenders
  • The art of getting open versus any defender
  • How to attack the defense every time you catch a pass
  • How to attack the defense every time you pass the ball
  • Principles of scoring in transition
  • Fifteen ways to read dribble penetration
  • How to set screens to score as well as how to read every type of screen to score