Post Position Skills

Do you want to know the secrets of becoming a great post player?

At Hoffman’s Hoops Academy, every basketball player will learn the finer points of post play. You will be given a variety of moves to score against all types of post defenses. Do you struggle with your back to the basket, or do you get pushed out of position when trying to post up? You will learn all of this and more at Hoffman’s Hoops Academy.  Call (402) 650-7648 today for more information about current programs, camps, and training options.

Examples of skills you will learn to develop:

  • The fundamentals of the power shot
  • Shot Faking
  • Drawing the foul
  • Getting open and staying open
  • Receiving the ball
  • Post positioning
  • Getting open versus man and zone defenses
  • Scoring without the ball
  • Using your positioning to score
  • Back to the basket moves
  • NBA stance to score
  • And more…