Shooting Skills

Shooting the basketball is about consistency and creating great habits. At Hoffman’s Hoops Academy, you will learn how to make your ability to shoot the basketball a weapon that will make the rest of the game easier. Shooting sessions will be videotaped to show exactly how your shot can be corrected and made more consistent. You will learn what your shooting range is and through great technique, learn how to increase your shooting range.  Call (402) 650-7648 today for more information about current programs, camps, and training options.

Examples of skills you will develop:IMG_4280

  • NBA Shooting Techniques
  • Shooting hand position
  • Feet position
  • Non shooting hand position
  • Things to check before you shoot
  • Where to focus your eyes
  • How to correctly shoot a jump shot
  • How to self correct after the shot
  • How to shoot of the dribble
  • How to shoot of the pass
  • How to shoot off a hop step and a 1-2