2019 Team Schedules

9-11th 7 tourneys

6-8th 6 tourneys

3-5th 5 tourneys

HHA 11 boys and 10th red

April 13/14 Omaha/council bluffs

April 20th Council Bluffs (1 day only)

April 26-28th Midwest Live Omaha

May 11/12th Omaha

July 5/6/7th River City Omaha

July 12-14th Sioux Falls or Omaha (live)

July 20th Lawrence (th-sunday)

HHA 10th White and 8th White (Coach Dukes)

April 20th Council Bluffs

April 27-28th Omaha(10th white only)

May 4/5th lincoln

May 18/19th Omaha

June 22 TBD

July 13/14th Omaha

July 27/28th TBD Omaha or Lawrence

HHA 9th Red and White and 8th Girls (Coach Fisher and Lowry)

April 20th Council Bluffs (9th boys only)

April 27/28th Omaha BOYS and Girls

May 11th Omaha (boys only)

May 18th 8th girls only

June 15th boys and girls

June 29/30th girls only

July 13/14th Omaha boys and girls

July 20/21 Omaha BOYS AND GIRLS

July 27/28th Lawrence or KC Boys only

8th Red (coach rath)

April 27/28 omaha

May 4/5 lincoln

May 18/19 omaha

July 6/7 omaha

July 13/14 omaha

July 20/21 omaha

Boys 7th White (6 tourneys) and 5th boys (5 tourneys) (coach Donahue)

May 4/5th lincoln 7th and 5th

May 18/19th omaha 7th and 5th

June 15/16th Omaha 7th and 5th

June 29th Omaha 7th and 5th

July 13/14th Omaha 7th only

July 19/20th Omaha 7th and 5th

4th Boys (Coach Blum) 5 tourneys

May 4th Lincoln

May 11th council bluffs 1 day only

May 18th omaha

June 22/23rd omaha

July 6/7th

July 19/20th omaha

3rd Girls and 5th Girls (Coach Dukes, Coach Hayes, Coach Ross, Coach Inselmin)

May 4/5th lincoln

May 18/19th omaha

June 29/30th omaha

July 13/14th omaha

July 20/21st omaha

July 20/27 omaha

Girls 6th White and 7th girls (coach fisher and coach oektken)

May 4/5 lincoln

May 18/19 omaha

June 29/30 omaha

July 20/21 omaha

July 27/28 omaha

11th girls and 9th girls (coach Oetken)

April 26th/27th omaha

May 4/5th lincoln

May 18/19th omaha

june 22nd/23

june 29/30

July 10/11

July 13/14

July 20/21

6th Boys (hoffman)

May 4/5th

May 18/19th

June 22/23rd

June 29/30th

July 20/ 21

July 27/28th

April 26-28th

11th boys (midwest live)

10th red midwest live

16u white (omaha) mayb

15 red boys

15 white boys

8th red boys

girls 11/10th and 9th girls

8th girls

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May 4th/5th

16 white

8th white

8th red

7th and 5th boys

4th boys

3 and 5th girls

6th and 7th girls

11/10 and 9th girls

6th girls

May 11th/12

4th boys

9th red boys

9th white boys

6th red boys

May 18th/19

16u white

8th white

8th red

7th and 5th boys

4th boys

3rd and 5th girls

6th and 7th girls

8th girls