How do I sign up?

New members will first set up an initial assessment.  This assessment will be take approximately 30 minutes and will be $35.

You may also call 402 650-7648 to set up your first initial assessment!! Please feel free to call to set your initial evaluation.   After the evaluation Coach Hoffman will get you on the right program for your HHA Building Champions member!

Step 1) Set up your online profile.  Click Here to set up your profile (My Profile).  Fill in your first and last name.  Complete the profile information page by providing your address, valid email, and password. Please use your players first and last name when starting the profile page.

Step 2) Choose Private/Team Training  On the tab menu please select: Individual Skill Assessment.  You will then “check out.”  This is where you will enter your credit card information to pay for the assessment.

Step 3) Once you have purchased your assessment your will then find a time to schedule your appointment:  Find a day and time that is available.  You will see a block of times that are available.  Example: 3:00pm-5:00pm, you can choose any time within that block to schedule, (you may then be prompted to enter your email and password).  Select your start time and click on Book Appointment.  If you haven't purchased the assessment, you will be prompted to purchase the assessment here.  Please enter in your EMAIL and Phone Number in your profile page to receive reminders of upcoming appointment and also new events at HHA.

Once you set up your assessment, you will receive an email reminder of the appointment 24hrs before your scheduled appointment.

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy to receive your full refund.  If you cancel within the 24 hour window, you will lose your purchase.

After you purchase the skill assessment and schedule the skill assessment, Coach Hoffman will discuss which program will be right for your player.