Group Training Program

The HHA Group Training Program is designed to give player individual instruction in a group setting to allow for skill development, simulated game play and small sided game situation to apply the skills learned.  Group Training is the one of the best ways of training for an individual looking to receive skill instruction and also allowing for live play.

Each session last 75min in length. Players are able to purchase 4, 12, 20, and 30 sessions.

Essential Skills

  • These sessions focus on developing the shooting, core ball handling, passing, footwork, finishing skills and team offensive and defensive concepts
  • Typically players in these classes range grades 3rd-6th boys and girls.  Any first time client in these grades should start in this class – then recommendations will be made by Coach Hoffman regarding the best class moving forward.

Advanced Skills

  • These sessions focus on more advanced, position specific skills and game situations.
  • Players are required to be able to perform the core skills of the Essential Skills  workouts before participating.
  • Typically players in these sessions play from 6th-8th grade boys and girls.   If you are a first time client, begin with a Essential Skills class before signing up for any Advanced classes.

HHA Shooting Essentials

  • Dedicated solely to developing and proper shooting mechanics
  • Footwork, hand positioning, pre shot techniques, during the shot techniques, follow through techniques will be addressed along with Coach Hoffman’s proven shooting progression.
  • Available to players grade 4th and up


Monday:     430-545pm Essential Skills (boys)        7-815pm Advanced Skills (boys)

Tuesday:     430-545pm-6 Essential Skills (girls)       545-7pm Adv. Skills (girls)       7-815pm Adv. Skills (boys)

Wednesday: 430pm-545 Essential Skills (boys)   545pm-7 Advanced Skills (boys and girls)

Thursday:    445pm-6 Essential Skills (girls)       6pm-715 Adv. Skills (girls)

Friday:         430pm-545 Essential Skills (boys and girls) 545-7pm Essential skills boys (5th-6th boys)


Each session last 75min in length. Players are able to purchase 4, 12, 20, and 30 sessions.  The HHA Group Training Program begins Sept 18th, 2017 and lasts until March 2nd, 2018.

Players can choose their monthly training sessions:

4 sessions  = $160

12 sessions = $360

20 sessions = $650  7th-12th Grade 4 week Pre-Season Training